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EZ Aim & Objectives:

1. To improve security measures for accessing facilities and improve user’s focus on time-terminal as this has been accompanying to rising issues today.
2. To save time in almost no energy required in carry out.
3. To eliminate queuing in any harsh operating environment for signing of payment, attendance, registration or enrollment.
4. To reduce manipulation or impersonation as a result of enhancing the monitoring of time and access security system also has been our basic goal.

[EZ Prime Hardware with Integrated System]

These are the concrete sample of cutting-edge technology!


*We can Automate the Following:
<>Time-In & Out of any establishment, e.g. hotel, hospital, casino, schools & government and more...
<>We can create secure access of every starting and end point of almost all establishment. 
<>We are open in any colaboration in terms of client's requirements. 



We have to 2 Category: 
*OneBio Recognition
Lite Series

*TrioBio Recognition



Our Flagship Product:
*FourWave Bio Recognition (Contactless & Frictionsless).



With Maximum Security:
*FaceBIO Recognition (Totally Touchless & Hygenic).



Our Top & Optimum Product:
*EYErisBIO Recognition 
(Only "you" can be "you").

"Accurate and reliable biometrics is the foundation of any good Integrated System".- Anonymouscircuit


Imagine that you are rolling out your new System that includes analytics, recruitment along with all the bells and whistles. Along with this, the attendance and payroll modules have been evaluated to comply with your company's stringent requirements. You now declare "all systems go"! 
However, an crucial component of the System was overlooked. Due to your tight budget, you scrimped for a low-end, low-cost attendance capture device. Since your perception was that all these devices were created the same with only minor differences, so why not go with the cheapest?
The market is flooded with cheap biometrics that makes it hard to resist. The sad truth is major deficiencies are discovered after only a few weeks or months of use. Many do not realize that when a System is paired with an inaccurate, poorly designed attendance capturing device, the benefits of a good Systems are negated. Defective data picked up from these low end biometrics causes your System to produce erroneous results - its called; "garbage-in-garbage-out".  … when a HR system is paired with an inaccurate, poorly designed attendance capturing device, the benefits of a good SYSTEMS are negated.

Common Problems of Low-End Biometric Devices:
• Poor or non-existent after-sales support. Due to its thin margins, after-sales support has been sacrificed.
• High False Acceptance Rate (FAR). This is a technical term that simply means that the device mismatched the employee who scanned. In other words, the device falsely identified an individual for another.
• Poor Sensitivity. The device has difficulty reading fingerprints or falsely rejecting fingerprints. This is also known as False Rejection.
• Prone to data tampering. The device downloads a simple text file (such as a csv or txt file) and is easily susceptible to malicious editing.
• Prone to spoofing. Low end fingerprint biometrics have been observed to accept pictures or artificial images of fingerprints. For face biometrics, picture images are erroneously accepted. 

Don't overlook the attendance capturing part of your HR System. When choosing a biometrics device, use the following criteria:
1. Choose a biometric device with a False Acceptance Rate (FAR) of .01% (1/10,000) or lower. This means that for every 10,000 transactions, there will be an average of one error.
2. Choose one that has a good track record and in use by big companies for several years. Call up a several companies to get their feedback regarding the biometrics they are using and ask for their recommendations.
3. Choose a supplier that has a good track record and strong after-sales support. This is a critical criteria as most implementations will require this service. 

EZ Smart Software

(Ready to deploy anytime, anywhere!)

Basic-to-Premium Smart HR SYSTEM

Modifiable and Adaptable, it includes 201Files, Training Evaluation, etc... It depends on client requirement.


Attendance System with Tri-Notifications (SMS, FB Messenger, Auto-email Report)



Basic 201 File Management with:
1) HR Portal Features
2) KPI / KRA Settings
3) Succession Planning

Enrollment System

Long queue is over... Fast, Secured and Reliable System is here, try to believe it.

What's the LATEST..?

Premium Development:


"Stop the spread of COVID-19,

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Tel. No.: +63 046 512.3733
Mobile (Globe): +63 917.522.1915 
Mobile (Sun): +63 922.684.4400

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