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"Stop the spread of COVID-19, 

Smart System Provider

ENTRA ZECURA™ is a private company in the Philippines specializing in Augmented Reality through Biometric Technology & other related innovation and secured automation. Established in January 2019 at General Trias City, Cavite, as EZecura Technology Services, but eventually registered in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as Entra Zecura, Inc., to serve bigger markets in the whole country. ENTRA ZECURA activities will be dedicated to the security of both people and properties through the use of latest technologies and to promote the use of augmented reality.
Our focused, sound and innovative approach is derived from the cumulative experience of the Entra Zecura core founders. As a result of their combined practical job & business experiences with strong technology delivery capabilities, we are able to comprehend the client's business requirements, propose security and creative strategies in line with the vision of the business and execute the business plan by building or implementing high quality scalable business solutions through the use of latest cutting-edge Technologies.
Our company offers an all-in-one secured time and access solutions to the Philippine market and soon to the neighboring country, with our partners - IDEMIA the world’s #1 Biometric Inventor & first and expert in Augmented Technology in terms of access and security.
Our system works seamlessly with the latest security software and biometric terminals to create a secure identity verification and comprehensive access control solutions. Simple, fast and robust, Biometric Solution gives you the power to create user groups, apply security settings, and determine user access rights to control who goes where and when. With the extensive range of user-friendly reporting options, you will always know what’s going on.


To be the country's market leader in Augmented Reality through Biometric Technology
& other related innovation and secured automation.


To ensure security of both people and property through the use of cutting-edge technologies and programs to promote the use of augmented reality as a way of life of people in the whole country. 

To deliver software and IT services that meet market needs and that is in keeping with our charitable aims in the service of the scientific community and for public benefit. 


Faith & Trust are the things that bind us... We're One-Team with One-Goal.
We believe only in one principle,
"To have Team work in His name, to make dream works in His time"...


Boss LhitoRam as what most people call him, his into transportation business. He owns several SUVs and Vans which clients rents from him on a contract basis. He finances different businesses and enjoys spending his time and resources helping others in this field. Actually, he spends most of his time not on work but in serving the Lord through a Catholic community named BCBP (Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals).
When he heard about the concept of Entra Zecura, he immediately became a believer of the company and decided to support it all the way. 

Mr. Manuelito Ramirez | PRESIDENT

For more than 15 years, she was into quality control, customer service and technical sales in the semiconductor industry. Her expertise in the corporate world and exposure in technical aspect of a product is her most valuable asset. But she gave up her corporate career when her daughter started to go to school as she chooses to take care of her over her 9to5 work. She became a full time Mom but finds another career she can work at her spare time. She joined a life insurance industry and then later on became a freelance online office manager supporting a US client and Filipino local staffs.
Her interest in biometric technology is rooted in her desire to keep track of her daughter while in school and transact different membership affiliations and bank transaction effortlessly. She wanted to be in a company that will bring this type of technology in the Philippines. 

Mrs. Cornelia Ramirez

Vice President - Admin | Finance

As VP for Sales and Marketing of Entra Zecura, he oversees an organization's sales and marketing programs. Develops strategic sales and marketing objectives. Being a Sales and Marketing expert, he establishes sales territories and quotas, manages budgets and evaluates sales performance of all his marketing representatives.


"He said, at Entra Zecura - we'll make your life "EZ"...

Engr. Marlo Delos Reyes

Vice President - Sales | Marketing

He is the technical guy of the team and the man behind this company - Entra Zecura. He has been in different companies dealing with software and hardware system including network management. He has his own company selling computers and offer different services; "MotzBiz Marketing". He works as a core team member in a company dealing with ID login system in schools. He uses his experience to explore the beauty of "augmented technology" which he sees to be the answer in most of company, establishment and school’s entry security & access control concerns.
This guy started the Entra Zecura. He spent most of his time doing research and dealing with potential suppliers & sources. His expertise in both software and hardware industry gave him the credential to lead as start-up business. He conceptualizes Entra Zecura as the future innovation in Philippines "Augmented Technology Business".  

Engr. Ardy Motos

Vice President - Technical | Research&Dev.

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