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FourWave BIO

"Four finger contactless recognition is just a wave of the hand. Wet or dry hands, FOURWAVE system can cope and identify you. It can capture you while you're on the go."


 *Up to 3000 users
*High level security & accuracy
*With anti-tamper alarm
*Cannot be fake
*Access-control capable (door/gates)
*With Card (Mifare) feature

Technical Specification

Monitoring and Trucking of the following:
Manufacturing, Plant, Hotel & Resort,  
Campuses and others.


***Very Hygenic
***Accurate and Secured
***With Impressive Speed in biometric recognition, 1-sec per wave-in. 
***Cannot be fake
***Top 1 in the World, 1st in the Philippines


[EZ Smart Attendance System] - Actual Demo with FourWave Bio

ENTRA ZECURA™ proudly presents EZ Smart Attendance System (EZSAS), the latest, most effective solution for your school attendance management system. It is loaded with unmatched power performance of the World’s No.1 Touchless Biometric Machine with Fetcher & Hybrid Messaging System that creates more accurate, more secured and more efficient time attendance tracking and recording. Our user-friendly system will not only help you to manage your employees but it also empowers you to keep an effective communication with parents or guardians of your students by sending SMS/FB Messenger notifications, greetings, important updates, etc. EZ SAS with its promising features and capabilities is now gradually getting the trust and confidence of those who have already experienced its flawless operations that cannot be matched by any single product in the Philippines now.

How  it works?

Using either left or right hand, users time-in and time-out are recorded by a simple wave of the hand through our Touchless Biometric Machine. Once the machine recognizes the finger prints, for approximately one (1) second, the system simultaneously records his/her attendance and sends notifications to parents/guardians, through SMS and FB Messenger. At a preset cut-off time, the system sends its daily class attendance report through email, directly to the teacher in-charge of each class. This process allows both parents/guardians and teachers to immediately monitor each users attendance performance, which help in identification and early prevention of potential threat to students schooling.

Why Choose EZSAS?

We Mean What We Say...


Benefits for the PARENTS

1. Easy and timely tracking of their children’s school attendance performance
2. Early detection and prevention of potential threat to their children’s schooling
3. Peace of mind 


Benefits for the USERS

1. Better protection of users through the use of effective information technology
2. More convenient attendance recording
3. Improves punctuality 
4. Protections of User's Data


Benefits for the SCHOOLS

1. Faster, more accurate and more effective attendance checking.
2. Saves time of teachers for more important tasks.
3. Faster and more convenient way of information disseminations
4. Easier and more efficient attendance reporting of both students and employees.
5. Better marketability of school  

EZSAS System
with  FourWave Bio

No.1 in the World! 1st and only contactless and frictionless biometric Access and Time Terminal here in the Philippines.
With EZSAS system integration, powerful and yet user-friendly and flexible features that can adapt in most system environment.

What's on your mind?

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